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HMS Dipper
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Armourer loading the film magazine into the camera gun fitted in a naval aircraft
A WRNS projectionist screens camera gun film shot on a training exercise
Captain R T Paul, CBE, RN, being briefed by Lieut J R Higgs, a qualified instructor
A pilot hands a magazine of exposed film to a WRNS messenger
Royal Observer Corps personnel grouped round for a talk on the Fairey Barracuda
Wren Peggy Swain, Armourer, at work on a naval Seafire
Final of the women's tug-of-war won by Wrens of RNAS Henstridge
Wren bat of RNAS Henstridge gets ready during the station's innings
Demob farewell at RNAS Henstridge, 18 June 1945, with Captain A A Murray, RN
Royal Observer Corps at the final stand down parade, 1 July 1945

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